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IAG is a licensed National employee benefits firm specializing in the product design, communication and administrative processes of supplemental insurance products for specific vertical markets. IAG has created new Defined Contribution health insurance products to address the needs of any midsize to large company as a result of health care reform legislation. IAG applies a combination of technological applications and data transmission processes with proven actuarial and underwriting fundamentals. This enables IAG to provide clients with quality insurance benefits and consistently high levels of customer service delivered to employees through an efficient and cost effective process.

  • Mission

    To enable employers to maintain their moral and inherent obligation to provide for the health and welfare of their employees.

  • Ethics

    IAG maintains the highest ethical standards as set forth by the National Association of Health Underwriters.

  • Security

    All transmissions of client data are conducted through encrypted, HIPAA compliant, FTP sites, managed by an SOC Type 2 reviewed team of Planned Administrators, Inc employees.

  • Compliance

    IAG is dedicated to staying abreast of the constantly changing regulatory environment at the individual State level as well as understanding the complexities of the National PPACA.

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